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Suzy and Edith
List of Players

All names have been changed to protect the guilty

Dee - Me (divorced mother of three) b. 1966 Edith - Grandma (widowed) b. 1916 Suzy - my mother (also widowed), Edith's only daughter b. 1941 Rerun - my ex-husband, "Rerun" because he tells the same stories and jokes over and over and over.... b. 1965 Nina - my daughter b. 1988 Junior - 1st son b. 1989 Ray - 2nd son (Bart Simpson incarnate) b. 1997 Mike - my younger brother/ blacksheep b. 1970 Geek - my youngest brother/ mom's favorite b. 1972 Wife of Geek - my fantastic sister-in-law, possibly the most sane of the bunch... wonder why she married into the family! b. 1971 (?) Princess Geek - Geek's daughter, my beautiful neice b. 1998 Prince Geek - Geek's son, my ever so cute nephew b. 1999 (the Geek family needs better nick names!!! Well, except Geek - he earned that in 1982 and it will stick until I'm wormdirt)